Unity Freelancer for Mood Board App

The overal goal is to develop a VR mood board tool prototype.
The core functions should resemble the function of www.ledavio.design (the mood board view and it’s tools) — but in a native VR interface with appropriate interactions using VR controllers and Oculus gestures.

The aim of the tool is to allow creative professionals to create mood boards (collages) in the VR environment. The physical mood board creation process should be reproduced in the VR. This includes following core functions:

– Searching for images and adding them to virtual room
– Viewing images, sticky notes and text objects on the mood board
– Moving all objects
– Resizing images
– Create and edit sticky notes
– Delete objects from board

These are the details to the above points:

1. The user needs to have an ability to enter the search request and browse over images for the mood board. We will provide the search as a web app (you have to integrate it by using a WebView, like https://github.com/vuplex/oculus-webview-example)

2. User should be able to arrange images an a virtual 2D-canvas (xy). This includes basic image manipulation functions (moving, resizing, rotating, cropping) – basically everything which can be done in our current web-app on app.ledavio.design (in the mood board view).

3. The VR space where the mood board is created is a room which is provided by us.