🤫 If you’re curious what will be the next big thing – get on the beta list for the next generation mood board creator Ledavio NX


  • Integrated image search on different image providers, constantly expanding — including not mainstream sources.
  • Always know the source of you images and if needed head straight to the license page of the image provider (we know it’s about only conceptual images on a moodboard, but we also know clients insisting in using those images for their marketing campaign ? )*applies only to images inserted by the integrated image search.
  • Test drive all webfonts from the Monotype library. Use copy text and one liners to really check font matching with images. Text is rendered in your browser thus being crystal clear. We’ll also add print fonts and other foundries step-by-step.
  • Integrated access to icon providers
  • Use your own agency logo
  • Manage different costumers, projects per costumers, and different moodboards per project
  • Endless canvas like known from different charting and design applications.
  • Use of standard graphic design application tools and shortcuts like cropping, scaling, rotating, zoom, arranging, smart align, order etc.
  • Drag’n’Drop your own images from your computer into boards
  • Add notes to for yourself, coworkers or clients your boards
  • Export your boards as PDF in standard DIN formats (other formats will follow)
  • Share your moodboards with coworkers or clients with a simple URL — either public or password protected
  • Work together on boards using the live feature even if your team members are spread all over the world. All participants of a live session have full control over the shared board (currently not fully implemented)
  • Set the color of the canvas — and use it also as the export background.