Ledavio is an online tool with which you can quickly and easily create moodboards alone or in a team and exchange them comfortably with other designers or customers. It is still in the alpha version and is currently used to find out which functions the basic product must offer.


Creating and editing mood boards in Ledavio is quick and easy, since:

  • Image search from many different sources, drag‘n‘drop from the Finder or Windows Explorer are integrated (+ copy‘n‘paste of images from websites)
  • A large number of free and commercial fonts with free text sets can be tried out in the mood boards instead of only limited font samples, without having to pay for it.

Creating and editing mood boards in Ledavio is simple, because

  • Arrangement functions are available
  • Any number of customers and projects can be stored centrally in a cleanly structured manner


Exchanging mood boards is simple and fast, because

  • Several designers can work together on one board – from different computers at different locations (this feature is still in developement and will be realeased later)
  • Boards can also only be released for viewing (e.g. to customers)
  • Moodboards can be exported as PDF files

What does “Ledavio” actually mean?

This is an artificial word borrowing Leonardo Da Vinci’s initials – the artist and universal scholar, the archetype of a designer and creative creator looking for answers and solutions.


Your genius creativity with Ledavio mood boards

Remember the time back in art school? Being obsessed by trying out new ideas and concepts. Aren’t you a designer because you want to invent, you want to develop? You want to have a voice in this world. Even make it more positive. Try things, make failures, achieve something, have fun — and make sense of your existence.

Ledavio is a place created for people who are real creators, like Leonardo Da Vinci was (therefor the name LeDaVi(o)). It’s about exploring what is and what might be – about reality and fantasy coming to reality.

Ledavio is a homage at your human spirit and heart, connecting to the world. Creativity is rooted deep inside yourself. You and only you decide what you let go!

Deadlines, budgets — do not matter. Be free from restrictions and develop quality and deep sense ideas. Remember why you became a designer!

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